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Meet 2013’s winners


Thea Stein, CEO of Carers Trust and one of our 2013 winners, took to Twitter to increase her charity’s reach:

“As a new CEO in the charity sector (all my previous work was for the public sector) and launching a new organisation (two national organisations merging) and not having a large advertising and promotional budget to get the new name (Carers Trust) recognised and out there – it seemed to be worth a try.

We don’t go to a lot of conferences unless we are speaking at them – we just don’t have the budget to do it! Twitter, however, gives me the ability to be in the room and part of national and international conversations that we can contribute to and need to be part of from the comfort of my desk or (frequently) train seat.

Social media amplifies reach for leaders and gives them a seat at the top table, regardless of resources.”


Julia Unwin of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation:

“Social media is particularly important to me as it connects me to people who I wouldn’t ordinarily meet. It also helps me to navigate all the information and thinking on the web. I love the fact that someone experiencing poverty who heard me on the radio can get directly in touch.”

Louise MacDonald of Young Scot:

“I have to admit that (getting into social media) wasn’t a conscious or PR-driven thing related to my role – it was about my natural desire to connect with people and be visible as a leader.

“I love the immediacy, and the chance to share what it is like to be the CEO of an incredible organisation making a difference in the lives of young people, surrounded by an inspiring and creative team every day.”


And here’s the full list of last year’s Social CEO winners.