vicky-browningVicky Browning, CEO of CharityComms


I’m a big fan of the power of networks.

I don’t mean the cliché of the predatory businessman working the room, glad-handing and making small-talk, always with one eye over your shoulder to see if someone more important’s come on the scene. I mean the power of people connecting with people.

Our network is our organisation

I head up CharityComms, the membership organisation for communications professionals working in charities. What lies at the heart of our operation – and is our biggest strength – is our network, the interlocking web of people who share, support, ask, offer, inform, empower and inspire each other to be the best they can.

For me, social media is a key component of making our network possible. It not only enables me to connect with people I know, but also people they know that I couldn’t possibly reach otherwise. In turn, it allows me to make connections for others – to point them to helpful people or useful information or resources.

Social media connects our members

And the combination of online and offline networks is especially powerful. I was MC at CharityComms’ recent pub quiz, where 20 crack charity teams battle it out for possibly the smallest trophy lack of money can buy.

One of my highlights of the evening was seeing a couple of people who’d previously interacted via Twitter come face to face and realise that they’d already connected.  They were both part of the CharityComms network – through membership, through social media and now through sharing a pint.

It was a satisfying example of one of the key roles I believe I have as a chief executive – making connections: facilitating conversations and forging relationships.

Engaging with a wider audience

Through social media I can introduce colleagues, share information and flag up issues. Social media helps me be an ambassador for my charity, for my cause and for the sector as a whole.

It lets me engage with a wide audience, gain insight and find content. It helps me listen, ask questions and share. And above all it helps me keep connected to my network. Do join me there at @browning_vicky or on LinkedIn (or just buy me a pint of course).