1. Social media is a massive opportunity. Use it to represent your charity well, reflect how important your work is, and improve transparency.

2. Share personal as well as professional updates. This will make your social media presence more human and approachable.

3. Tell your followers about what you’re working on. Your followers will value personal insights which show how you are making a difference.

4. Share expert information on your cause. This will position you and your charity as thought leaders and the ‘go to’ experts in your field.

5. Develop valuable relationships with decision makers on social media. Share useful information, have topical discussions and slowly build support for what your charity does.

6. It’s ok to have challenging conversations. If people disagree with you, as they might, be as nice and professional as you would be if it was a face to face discussion.

7. Share your fundraising journey. If you’re fundraising for your cause, share selfies, training stories and updates from the whole experience.

8. Encourage staff to use social media too. You can all be strong representatives of your cause and support each other as you do.

9. Use LinkedIn as a professional space. Get introduced to people who can help your charity and share professional content.

10. There are no rules on social media – only guidelines. Experiment and see what works for you.